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How UDIN affects NGO Utilization Certificate?

UDIN is made compulsory from 01.02.2019 on all the Utilization Certificate of Grants.The first question comes in your mind what is this UDIN is all about? Oh God..another update or compliance? But, Do not worry. This is applicable to NGO Grant but not to be done by NGO itself. So, Let us discuss in detail […]

Are you in the list of “Tax Exempted institutes”

As a good initiative of governance, Income Tax department has made the list public for all the institutes which are having tax exemption under various sections like 12A, 80G, 10(23c) etc.. You can search your organisation’s name in this list of exempted institutes by following method. Step 1 : Go to this website – https://www.incometaxindia.gov.in/Pages/utilities/exempted-institutions.aspx  […]

12A Registration of NGO online process

What is Sec 12A ? Income of Organization registered as Charitable and Religious Institute under any Law of India will be exempted from Income Tax only if they get the Certificate under this section. Sec -12A It deals with exemption explanations. Sec -12AA It deals with the procedure for such exemption. Benefits 1. Expenditure incurred for charitable […]

Now DARPAN ID is optional for FCRA services

As you aware that FCRA department has made DARPAN ID compulsory for all FCRA related services since October 2017. Since then, for every service of FCRA, like filling Annual Return, Updating quarterly receipts, FC registration, renewal etc.. website prompt you to link DARPAN ID of your organisation. However, there were lots of technical difficulties in […]

FCRA registration suspended for another 156 NGO

Central Government vide notice dated 21.12.2017 had directed that all the persons who are either registered or having prior permission shall open their bank account in one or more banks who are linked with PFMS. Also, to change the bank account one month was given. Most of the Banks have started linking with PFMS system […]

Is TDS applicable to NGO?

Yes, TDS is applicable to the NGOs. There is no general exemption that Trust, Society or Non Profit Organizations are exempt from deducting and paying TDS. It depends on the Financial Transactions and limits of TDS specified every year in the Financial Act. Thus if NGOs makes payments to specific persons above specific limits, needs […]

Rotation of Board Members in NGO

Do your organization have “Board Rotation Policy” ? Many funding agency and corporate asking this question before giving funds. It sounds irrelevant, but it is not. Every donor wants 100% utilization of single rupee, he donates to you. And every donor wants that an NGO should have highly effective governance. Today let us discuss this […]