Is 12A Certificate mandatory for NGO?

No, 12A Certificate is not mandatory. If an NGO want to get exemption from Income Tax can apply to Income Tax Authorities in prescribed format. For further information – Click Here 

Which documents are required for 12A?

An application in Form 10A should be given to Income Tax (Exemption) department along with some other documents like PAN, Undertakings, Trust Deed etc… To see complete list of Documents – Click Here.

What benefit an NGO get after getting 12A certificate?

A trust has to use 85% of Grants and Donation in particular Assessment Year and to get exemption of Income Tax. This exemption will be given only if, trust has 12A certificate.

When 12A Certificate expire?

There is no such limit for expiration on 12A certificate. However, an Income Tax Office can cancel 12A certificate in case of any violation of rules and regulations.

What precautions to be taken after getting 12A?

An NGO has to file its Income Tax Return in Exemption Ward. Also it is mandatory to mention 12A certificate number on Income Tax Return.

Is it possible to apply online for 12A certificate?

No, application to get 12A certificate can be accepted only in paper format.