What is 80G certificate?

80G is a section of Income Tax, under which a person get 50% to 100% tax benefit if they give donation to registered charitable trust u/s 80G.

Is 80G Certificate mandatory?

No, 80G certificate is not mandatory. But, it provides motivation to donor for donation to charitable trust.

How to get 80G certificate?

Trust has to apply to Income Tax (Exemption) department in Form 10G along with required documents. To see complete list of documents – Click Here.

When 80G Certificate expire?

There is no such limit for expiration on 80G certificate. However, an Income Tax Office can cancel 80G certificate in case of any violation of rules and regulations.

Can 80G taken without taking 12A certificate?

No, one has to take 12A certificate before applying for 80G certificate. However you can apply simultaneously for both the certificate.

Is it possible to apply for 80G online?

No, application to get 80G certificate can be accepted only in paper format.