Is FCRA registraion online?

Yes it is mandatory under FCRA 2010 in Form No FC-3 . One has to apply online here.  You can download FC-3 from here.

Which documents are require to apply for FCRA?

One has to apply in Form FC-3 along with some other documents like Underwriting, Recommendation from Local Authority, Last three years return, PAN etc…For detailed list of documents – Click Here.

Is FCRA registration mandatory?

Yes ONLY IF NGO is planning to receive foreign funds to use for charitable purpose in India.

What is prior approval of FCRA?

An NGO can apply to receive foreign funds from particular source in form FC-4 prior to receive funds. This approval is given by ministry only for one transaction of particular amount and particular funding agency.

When FCRA Registration is expired?

As per FCR Act 2010, it is mandatory for every NGO to renew its FCRA certificate for every 5 years.