How to form an NGO in India?

In India, an NGO can be formed either by way of forming Trust, Society or by way of Section 25 Company. For detail procedure on formation of NGO – Click Here

Which documents are necessary to form a Trust

To form a trust, main document is Trust Deed. Apart from it, ID proof and Address Proof of Founder of Trust are also required. To see detail list of document require to form an NGO – Click Here

How many Trustees required ?

Minimum Two Trustees are required to From an NGO or Trust.

Trust, Society or Company which form is good to form NGO?

In India, an NGO can be formed either as Trust, as Society or as Company under Sec. 25 of Companies Act. Every form has their own pros and cons. Refer here for detailed comparison and choose a form according to your requirements.

How Trust Registration can be expired?

As such, trust registration is not expired. However Trust can be cancelled at the will of the trustees; or Trust can be cancelled if there is provision for cancellation in the deed.