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Cashbook of NGO

After, note ban, cash book is getting more importance. Some of the entities also getting notice from Income Tax Department to submit cash book. So, let us today discussed, some of the points related to cash book. 1. Manual V/s Computerized Cash Book of NGO Now a days, all the books of accounts are maintained […]

Second Chance for FCRA Renewal, if you didn’t get.

Many of the organizations have already received Renewal from FCRA. However, some of the organizations have not apply for renewal or not applied in online format or not paid online fees, may not received FCRA Renewal. Last date for filling FCRA renewal was 30.06.2016 by online. If your organization fail to do so, your FCRA […]

Demonetization and NGO – Dos and Don’ts

We know the current scenario of demonetization of old currency notes of Rs. 1000 and Rs. 500. As every day new news coming in, it is difficult for us to decided what should be the correct step to deposit old notes. Earlier, Trust and NGOs were already under the radar of the Government before demonetization,  […]

Income Tax Return of NGO

All you need to know about Income Tax Return of NGO – ITR7

As last date of filling Income Tax Return of NGO is approaching, it is necessary that we should keep in mind some of the points related to Income Tax Return of NGO. Form No Form No is ITR 7 Download Link You can download ITR7 for Income Tax Return of NGO from here. Last Date […]

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