• System Review

    Financial and Accounting Control System of your NGO

How it works

1.) We talk about your existing system

  • We sit with your Finance Staff and understand the flow of transactions

  • Understand the practical difficulties of Program Staff

  • Understand the view point of Management

2.) I crunch the numbers

  • Vouching of supporting of expenditures

  • Verification of loop holes in the system

  • Look at the system from 360° view

3.) You get a list of improvements

  • Suggest the best System which suits your NGO’s need

  • Provide all the suggestions in the Detailed Report

  • Give you Road Map to achieve suggested changes

4.) We let the journey begin

  • Help you in Capacity Building of the staff

  • Provide training to them, if required

  • Extend services to Establish and Maintain System



Funding Agency, now a days, before giving funds, make assure that every spend rupee has to be supported by financial proofs ( e.g. bills) and program proofs (e.g. Participant lists). We help you to achieve this.


We develop document-oriented system and thus when account person leaves you, new accountant adopts the same system, instead of developing his own. And this way your system runs on Auto-Pilot mode.


FCRA, TDS, Income Tax, PF …so much compliance to follow. No NGO can afford penalty. interests or even cancellation actions from Govt due to non-compliance. We create a water tight system, where every single compliance is fulfilled within due dates.


The rule of law, transparency, accountability and effectiveness of NGO management are all essential components of good governance. With the help of management, we develop procedure and policies to achieve such essential components


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