KCJM | NGO is providing all the initial services, starting with preparing Memorandum and objects of trust to get it register with Charity Commissioner or Collector. Services for Registration with Registrar of Co-operative Society is also provided at KCJM | NGO. We, at KCJM | NGO also provide services to get and exemption certificate u/s. 12A of Income Tax Act (known as 12A Certificate). 80G certificate is also one of the important doucments an NGO should have to give their donor benefit of exemption u/s. 80G of Income Tax Act.

Detailed List

√  Preparation of Trust Deed or Memorandum
√  Preparation of Rules and Regulation
√  Registration  with Charity Commissioner / Collector
√  Registration with Society Registrar
√  Getting 12A Certificate from Income Tax
√  Getting 80G Certificate from Income Tax
√  Application for PAN and TAN

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